2020 Mercedes-AMG E63 S

2020 Mercedes-AMG E63 S
2020 Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Mercedes has unleashed the psychopath from its range and it now wears a suit…

2020 Mercedes-AMG E63 S
2020 Mercedes-AMG E63 S

For many years, if one would ask what’s the craziest Mercedes you could get, people would say it is an E class and while the answer would surprise most, seeing the Mercedes-AMG E63 at work and experiencing, they’ll believe it as God’s truth because it always has been a manic car, as it ate away at its own rear wheels and bullied it’s competition from fellow German
rivals, BMW and Audi and also give tough time to the American, the Cadillac CTS-V. Today in 2020, the E63 S AMG might not be the most powerful of it’s company, such as the BMW M5 Competition that makes slightly more power than it or the mighty CTS-V or offer more bang for buck and cheaper alternatives like the brand new RS6 Avant, but there are still some things that put the E63 S AMG up top, none of the other cars can simply match the legacy and brutality the Merc packs and it simply has an interior that exudes luxury. So is the new Mercedes-AMG E63 S everything that its predecessors built or the tables have turned?

On the outside, the car adopts a design that is very much like that off the C-Class with a mild thyroid issue without looking excessively chunky. It’s sculpted and contoured well to have a great flowing design. It gets massive air dams on the front and fake vents on the fenders. The car looks aggressive but doesn’t overdo, which might be a letdown for the fans of the older AMG E-Class sedans that looked superbly aggressive and violent. The new one takes too much from the C-Class that it seems to have lost that character, it looks very much like a longer and chunkier C-Class. On the rear, there is a trunk lid spoiler and it gets a diffuser with a quad-tip setup for the exhaust which is a new AMG Performance exhaust system and comes standard on this new car. It also gets 20inch wheels as standard and LED lighting all round to bring the civil elements to make it look sober enough in the office parking lot. Now the car is still big enough, but not excessively huge, its just a great balance for being big enough to offer all the luxury you’d like and still have great handling and be quick. However it is a little on the heavier side, with the BMW M5 undercutting it on the weight. It also gets a good selection of colors — 9 exterior colors, and while the Metallic Black and White finishes are standard colors, you’ll have to shell out more money for the others, with a Matte Gray finish that is a ridiculous 3950$.

The interior on the car is what makes it shine over the competition. It gets two massive 12.3inch displays, one that takes care of the instrument clusters and the MID and the other that takes care of the infotainment duties and is operated with a touchpad on the central console or the media buttons on the wheel and is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible, Bluetooth ready, live navigation, voice control, 3 USB ports, SD card reader and a fantastic 13 speaker Burmester Audio system that offers great quality and can even be bumped up to a 23 speaker system that is out of the world for extra money and is also equipped with wireless charging that’ll connect to your phones using NFC and wifi hotspot is also available as an option. The interior is wrapped in Nappa leather and comes with 8 options for accents in the trims. While there are AMG Performance seats are available for the front, the regular seats are more luxurious and comfortable as they come with heated and ventilated settings as standard, however you could bump up massage options and heating for the armrests, rear seats and the steering too. However the car does come with 64 color ambient lighting as standard and panoramic sunroof, digital HUD with a lap timer and trizone climate control. The car is very comfortable and easily sit 5 people in full comfort with great space for the legs and head thanks to the healthy dimensions of the car. The fit and finish of the car are top notch and the materials used are very premium which keeps it quite above the BMW and Audi counterparts. As standard, the car gets black Nappa leather as standard in Macchiato Beige and Black but there are also full black and nut brown and black
available as no pay options. The dashboard and doors get aluminum in silver as standard but no pay options in wood are also available with Black Ash, Natural Grain Brown Ash and Natural Grain Black Ash and you can spend almost 1300$ more if you’d like for black wood with silver pinstripes, or a little less 600$ for the Metal Weave or go completely mental and throw in 2850$ for carbon fiber or a Matte Silver Fiber Glass option to accentuate the AMG character of the car if it wasn’t ccentuated enough already. The trunk is also very practical and you can fit in a good amount of luggage.

The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is powered by a mad bi-turbo V8 engine that produces a growling 603 horses and 627lb-ft of torque that is mated to a 9 speed automatic gearbox. The engine is absolutely monstrous and with the great transmission, it is super responsive and slick and has hidden personalities. The older AMG E-Class cars were super violent in their power
delivery all the time as they ate away at their own rear wheels because they were RWDs, well this time the E63 S AMG comes with the 4MATIC AWD system and the car has driver modes. In Comfort Mode, the car is super civilized and the super stiff suspension is also on it’s softest setting making the car very comfortable for traveling from A to B and the 4MATIC
keeps the power distribution very composed and the steering and engine are all dialed down making it a proper business sedan and very civil. Turn the car to the Sportier modes and all hell breaks loose as you’d want it to, the engine gets mad as the exhaust growls and cackles violently and the suspension will disfigure your bones as it gets rock hard, however that helps compensate in the drive making it razor sharp around corners as the ballistic engine fires away in a straight line. And if that isn’t crazy enough for you, and you miss those tire eating habits of the old AMG Es, you could shift to Drift mode and the car becomes a proper RWD with all driver aids and this one too, will eat at its own tires in no time. The car is brilliant
making it much more versatile than the AMG E63 had ever been in previous iterations because you could go to work in it, go grocery shopping or on a picnic with the family without scaring them and in all the comfort and luxury of the world without looking like an immature man baby with fancy bits on the exterior, but turn the dials up, and this will be one of the most fun and serious cars you’ll ever drive being a complete maniac that the AMG EClass has built a reputation for. The brakes on the car are great but if you have around 9000$ spare and know would need to come to complete halts frequently from high speeds, you could get yourself Carbon Ceramics.

All in all, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a fantastic and brilliant machine. And it does its job better than ever before as it can be much more practical than ever before and at the same time be a complete psychopath if you let it loose. This car has a very serious case of bipolar and hides it under a flamboyant suit tailored to fool the crowd. The car is available in only one variant and starts from a quite expensive 107,350$ for the standard car, go up the options and you could easy find yourself around the 150,000$ for a top spec version, meaning the person who chooses to get this mental case also someone who would want to be checked at by their family for mental ailments!


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