2019 Dell XPS 13

2019 Dell XPS 13
2019 Dell XPS 13

This is what peak Dell XPS looks and feels like…

At some point of time, everybody has to move to a mature and versatile 13inch notebook in their lives. And that is because this is the footprint where you could find yourself with the perfect balance of power and portability without trading off for much on either camp. The perfect compromise if you may. Which leads to the fact that this is probably the most crowded
category of laptop with a variety of entries from almost every company that makes laptops. There are cheap offerings, mid priced offerings and premium too with HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and others battling it out with each other in the Windows camp and even Apple with their MacBook Pro 13inch and MacBook Air come into the mix at the premium side of things with it’s offerings. But so do HP with their Spectre lineup and Dell with the XPS come into the mix while Acer and Asus battle it out in more gaming focused laptops that are simply too focused on one thing instead of being a master at all like the others. So does the XPS finally have it all sorted out to take lead in the premium segment especially when the incredibly Spectre has a strong position here with its incredible design and the Macs that offer incredible simplistic design with the MacOS experience.
The design of the new XPS 13 is pretty much the same as the previous one, which makes sense because the previous one was also pretty decent and good looking, however it does improve on the webcam issue bringing it back on the top and even a smaller bezel up top.

2019 Dell XPS 13
2019 Dell XPS 13

The laptop is pretty slim at just 11.6mm and doesn’t weigh much either at just 1.23 kilos. The aluminum finish on the lid and base of the phone add to the strength of the structure of the laptop and feel good, and then there is the carbon fiber finish on the deck which brings a new level of premium-ness to the laptop, and if you opt for the light colored options, there is fiber
glass instead of the carbon fiber which is equally good. The keyboard is also very nice to use and has good travel and the trackpad is one of the best on any Windows machines. The design of the XPS 13 is really pretty and it makes it stand out of the crowd, especially in the Rose Gold finish. The extensions on the XPS 13 are also healthy as it keeps both the modernists and the traditionalist happy by offering 2 USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports, one USBC (3.1 standard), a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card. The display on the XPS 13 is the same as before because it still has great dynamic colors and brightness and now it come with 2 configurations too, there’s the 4K display like before that runs at 3840×2160 resolution and with the UltraSharp InfinityEdge display, the touch is also very responsive and accurate.

However that is an option and the standard one would still come with a FullHD panel that runs at 1920×1080 with the same responsive touch thanks to InfinityEdge display. The Dell XPS 13 is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor mated to 8 gigs of RAM as stock and 256GB of storage on board which makes it an okay package but starts at 1149$. There are 3 configurations you can opt for on the Dell XPS 13 and the highest specced machine will bring an 8th generation quad core Intel i7 processor on board paired to 16 gigs of RAM and 2TB of storage and the 4K display in the stunning Rose Gold finish we talked about earlier or a Frost White finish which personally feels a little bland but some people would want it and so it exists, there is also a Silver Black finish if you want to have that classic Dell work laptop appeal but the Rose Gold is hands down the best finish. However the top of the line spec machine will set you behind by around 2479$. However for almost 250$ less, you could also get yourself the top of the line 2020 MacBook Air which brings a 10th generation quad core i7 on board which with new specs and the Magic Keyboard is a really attractive deal for all the work that you’ll throw at the XPS.

The 2019 Dell XPS 13 is more of an incremental upgrade over its predecessor at its core, it has the latest specs that were available to it at the time of launch, fixed all the issues that plagued the previous one like the odd webcam positioning and battery life. In fact the battery life on the new Dell XPS 13 is significantly improved and will last you an entire day with
regular to good usage which is very good. Also about the webcam, Dell takes a lot of pride in saying that it spent 2 years designing it and it shows. It’s only 2.25 mm and sits on the top bezel of the laptop, and to say more about those bezels, they are super thin on the 2019 Dell XPS 13 which is something to be appreciated. It has a 0.9megapixel 720p resolution widescreen sensor and gets 4 wide array microphones. While the engineering feat is massive to make a camera so small but it really doesn’t have out of the box quality and is okay for looking decent if not life-like in video conferencing which is okay because other laptops in the segment do no better either. The sound quality is good on the mics and also the speakers on
the Dell XPS 13 are satisfactory which is fine.

All in all, the Dell XPS 13 is a great laptop if you’re always on the go and need a premium laptop for day to day use and won’t be doing any heavy workflows on it. It looks really nice, especially in the Rose Gold finish ( yes, again) and is specced decently, however it certainly isn’t the best laptop in the segment like before with rivals like Huawei MateBook X Pro offering better features for roughly the same price and the new 2020 MacBook Air that offers newer specs and save you some money ( feels weird saying you’ll save money on an Apple product). But if you prefer Windows and want the satisfaction that’ll come with the reputation Dell has, the XPS 13 is a great choice.


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